Associated Air Center is one of only a handful of organizations in the United States to hold Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) for Supplemental Type Certification (STC) ODA and Major Repair, Alteration and Airworthiness (MRA) ODA.

As an FAA delegated organization, AAC can develop and issue aircraft STCs and related airworthiness certificates and approvals, and also approve data for major repairs and alterations to help your organization accelerate certification processes as an authorized and approved extension of the FAA.

Save time, save money – put AAC’s certification services to work for you today!


AAC has been an FAA delegated organization since May, 2006. From 2006 to November 2009, AAC held appointment as FAA DAS (Designated Alteration Station). In November 2009, AAC DAS transitioned to ODA, with initial appointment as STC ODA, and in August 2012, an additional appointment as MRA ODA.

Since the initial appointment as DAS, AAC ODA has issued 50+ STCs to domestic and foreign customers, in addition to several MRA projects. Although most of issued STCs have been related to Boeing and Airbus products (narrow and wide body airplanes) with highly customized VIP cabin interiors, several STC projects have also been completed in support of a major commercial airline operator.

ODA Services

AAC can provide the following ODA services to potential customers:

  • STC project management from initial application to STC issuance, including post-STC technical support
  • Regulatory findings of compliance for major design changes on narrow and wide body Boeing/Airbus products
  • ODA Services include but are not limited to:
    • STC Project management from initial application through STC issuance, and post-STC maintenance activities
    • Findings of Compliance associated with Structures, Electrical/Avionics/Mechanical Systems and  Flight Test
  • Specialized areas including:
    • Compliance Inspections
    • Seats dynamic testing, including side-facing seats
    • Fatigue and Damage Tolerance
    • Flammability
    • Ground and Flight Testing for Lighting, Oxygen System, Water & Waste Systems, Cabin Smoke, Equipment Cooling/Ventilation, EMI/RFI testing, Human Factors
  • Ground and Flight Testing witnessing by FAA/ODA designees
  • Allowables and Structural Testing
  • Parts/Installation Conformities
  • Development of technical documentation/substantiation reports
    • Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA)
    • EWIS ICA Evaluation Report
    • Ground & Flight Test Plans
    • Emergency Evacuation Analysis
    • Decompression Analysis
    • Functional Hazard Assessment (FHA) and System Safety Assessment (SSA)
    • Stress Analysis

Why AAC?

As an FAA-designated ODA, AAC is allowed to act on the FAA’s behalf to manage your certification process from start to finish – with limited involvement from the FAA. After submitting a certification plan to the FAA and receiving their acceptance, AAC takes control of the project. From there, the project continues on your schedule until completion. 

Unlike many government organizations, AAC works weekends, holidays and whatever hours it takes to complete the job within your time frame, dramatically reducing aircraft downtime to a minimum.

At AAC, we are your single point of contact for your certification services and your trusted service partner.

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Wide Body Animation
Wide Body Evacuation Simulation #1
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